4 schools – 1000 ideas

I know that maybe preview of institution, which I have been visiting are not as important as my skills, but It was nice path, on which I find myself and realize, who I am and what I want to do. Yes, there were fails, too. Awesome, right? Check out the beginning of my journey.


Gymnasium in my home town

That time I thought I will be a football player. It seems that it is a right choice. But, the truth was „little“ bit like this:

Masaryk University in Brno

Moved to Czech republic and started Management of sport on Faculty of sports studies & Economic faculty. Of course, I was still playing football.

Gerlev Sports Academy

Little change – I went to Erasmus in Denmark, realize that football career is not for me (okay, is was not that easy). I attended a Dance course for half year there, because my body needed a change after 13 years of football thinking and also I visited New York that time. After my arrival back to Czech republic, my mind started to being crazy.


Master Degree

Finally. I found myself. Realized, what I want to do and why I want to do it. This was the hardest task and decision in my life, yet. So, I finished my little Journey in my hometown, as well as I started. I graduated on Matej Bel University – Faculty of Economics. Marketing Management of Business. It was my last stop. Full of ideas and inspiration, I´m ready to explore and reach everything, what I dreamed about.

Find out more by exploring my experience…

My school uniform

I wore during semesters always something from Scotch & Soda. I feel confident, communicative, flexible and full of inspiration. (I hope it was thanks to you or maybe not?)

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